Absurdly fresh groceries.

Picked yesterday, caught last night, baked this morning—you've never tasted groceries this fresh.

Thanks for fundraising with Good Eggs!

We keep active cooking time down to 10-15 minutes. Because it's Tuesday, not Top Chef.

Wine? Check. Baby food? Yup. Toilet paper, too. All from sources we know personally and trust.

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dinner kits.

Everything else 
you need. 

Good Eggs has raised over $200,000 for local schools and non-profits. 
We'll donate 10% back to your parents club every time you shop on Good Eggs in May and June!

New to Good Eggs?
Your club will get an extra $25 bonus when you join the fundraiser!

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How do I join the fundraiser?


Do I get a discount when I join?
Do I need to enter the code every time I shop on Good Eggs?
How can I help make the fundraiser successful for my parents club?
Enter your club's fundraising code in the field above. When you click "Join Fundraiser," the code will be applied to your Good Eggs basket. Once you place an order, your account is linked to your club's fundraiser, so you don't have to enter the code again!
If you are a new customer to Good Eggs, you will get $15 when you join. Returning customers will not receive a discount, but still need to enter the code to join the fundraiser.
Nope –– once you've entered the code once, you don't need to enter it again. Every time you shop on Good Eggs in May and June, 10% will automatically be donated back to your club.
Help spread the word! Send your fellow parents to parents.goodeggs.com and remind them of your club code, chat about the fundraiser at events, and encourage your other friends and family to enroll to support the club!
"Good Eggs has been an absolute life changer. 
I'm a full time working mom of two kids and have outsource many tasks 
but this is easily my favorite grocery delivery and meal kit service. 
Instacart, Thistle, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Munchery, Sprig . . . you name it, 
I've tried them all, but I will always come back to Good Eggs 
for high quality groceries, great customer service, and the best meal kit offerings –– 
I even find that my family wastes less food and eats healthier with Good Eggs. 
And what can be easier than having everything neatly delivered to your door?"
- Julia T.
How will I know I my account is linked to the fundraiser?
When you check out, you will see a text confirmation on the payment page that reads: "You've joined the [club name] fundraiser." If you do not see this text, enter the code in the "gift code" field on that page.
Absurdly fresh groceries, delivered.
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